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Multiplexing Capabilities

The Process Instruments 18-channel multiplexer can sequentially monitor up to 17 different process streams, reserving one performance channel for intermittent system diagnostic checks. With Process Instruments' PROspect Software, the multiplexer can easily be configured to fit a variety of custom applications, automated monitoring, while allowing for operator control via the DCS.

The Process Instruments Raman instrument can be located in a Class I, Division 2 shelter, or other control room. Fiber optic cables for each channel can run from the multiplexer to  component streams at lengths up to 300m, or 1,000ft. Typical spectra collection times from component streams can vary depending on the fiber optic cable distance from the stream to the instrument. Please call Process Instruments with custom quotes and questions.

Blend Component Rundown

Component rundown parameters can be forwarded, via PROspect, to a blend header optimizing system. The Raman instrument first analyzes the finished product, and can then return predictions every 6-10 minutes. The system then analyzes the blend components, capable of returning predictions every 20 to 60 minutes. This cycle can be customized to fit proprietary blends, blend times, and much more!