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Additional Gasoline Parameters Measured with Process Instruments Raman

In addition to Octane, Butane, and ethanol measurements, a PI-200 can accurately measure a number of additional parameters used in both gasoline blending, as well as component rundown lines.

Parameters Typical SEP2 (ASTM "R" = 2 x SEP)3
Benzene 0.02 vol %, based on GC4 data
Toluene 0.02 vol %, based on GC data
Total aromatics 0.5 vol %, based on FIA5 data
Total olefins 0.6 vol %, based on FIA data
API gravity 0.1 oF
Distillation points 1.0 - 2.0 oF
E200 and E300 0.4 oF
TV/L1 0.9 oF
Drivability Index 8
1TV/L = temperature for vapor/liquid ratio
2SEP = standard error of prediction
3"R" = reproducibility
4GC = gas chromatography
5FIA = fluorescent indicator adsorption