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Sample Characteristics

Spectrum Resolution High vs. Low in Gasoline

A spectrum of unleaded premium gasoline obtained with 2 wavenumber resolution compared with a gasoline spectrum obtained with 30 wavenumber resolution. The individual components easily distinquishable with 2 wavenumber resolution are washed out at 30 wavenumber resolution unleaded premium gasoline spectrum

Near-IR Absorbance Spectra: Five Unleaded Gasolines

Five near-IR absorbance spectra of different unleaded gasolines. The change in the spectra are very small requiring chemometrics to pull the differences out of the data. Near IR Absorbance Spectra of Five Unleaded Gasolines

Unleaded Premium Gasoline Spectrum: High Resolution Spectrum

A spectrum of unleaded premium gasoline showing some primary components. The primary components shown are: m-xylene, o-xylene, iso-octane, ethyl benzene, toluene, p-xylene, and benzene. Unleaded Premium Gasoline raman instrumentation

Sample Fluorescence: Unleaded Premium Gasoline

comparison of spectrum unleaded gasoline