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Raman Fiber Multiplexer Stability

System Stability, 4 Weeks, 7500 Spectra

The observed 7500 Raman spectra obtained using a single probe during the four week stability study. Each of these spectra were collected over a 1.5 minute integration time period. Multiplexer Stability 1
The Gaussian/Lorentzian fitted frequency shift mean for toluene’s two strongest Raman bands at 786 and 1003.5 cm-1 Multiplexer Stability 2
A histogram of the fitted frequency shift means for the 1003.5 cm-1 Raman band, and one can observe that the histogram falls off to zero at approx 1003.41 and 1003.48 cm-1. These values correspond to 3 times the SDV indicating that the mean values are located within an expected Gaussian distribution. Multiplexer Stability 3
To download a presentation on the stability of the Multiplexer click here.